Berean Children Proclaim Christ

This time of year is always special for Christians. The birth of Christ, whether people want to acknowledge it or not, is center stage. Each Christmas season everyone gets to choose. Do they want the child from the manger or what the world offers?

At Berean this Sunday everyone attending will be ask that same question by children in our annual Christmas play. No, there are no real speaking parts, so a five year old will not be pounding the pulpit with a plea for salvation.

But as they take the stage, dressed as Mary, Joseph, magi that can't keep their crowns on straight, angels with crooked wings and an odd camel or two they will be speaking loud and clear.

Do you want Christmas?

They will not be offering a Christmas wrapped in bright paper, with ribbons of red or candy canes and stocking stuffed to capacity. In their innocents they will be offering the Christmas of a baby that came to Earth to change everything.

So if you are not busy this Sunday morning, stop by Berean at 10:00 and see the children proclaiming Christ.