What is a Deacon

The term Deacon literally means to serve. It refers to an attendant, a waiter, or one who ministers to another. The first Deacons were called to manage and serve food to widows in the church. However, the duties go well beyond that at Berean.

You will find Deacons throughout our congregation serving in many capacities. That includes on our Reach teams, morning worship prep, audio visual team, building and grounds team and many more needed functions. 

As the specific duties are not spelled out in the Bible, it ultimately depends on the needs of the church, the needs of the members and the spiritual gifts of the Deacons available to serve. Do youhave a physical need that needs met? Contact the Deacons here

Our Deacons

Left to Right:

Scott Ward, Lee Marks, Jerod Tarrants, Lucas Olson, Ben Campos, Craig Whistle