Into the Muddy Water - Changed Lives in Rural Maasailand

This blog post is from Tim Harrison. He and his wife, Elizabeth are missionaries supported by the tithes and offerings from Berean and many other churches. It is important that we understand that our giving has an impact world-wide!!! I encourage you to go to and try not to tear-up as you read the many testimonies and remember we are all missionaries for Christ. In this story you will hear about how a village leader walked into muddy water to be washed clean.

By Tim Harrison 

“I need these sins to be washed away from me,” responded Main, a village elder, when asked why he wanted to give his life to Christ. Tim had been coming to Main’s community, Letukunyi, each week for months to share stories from the Bible. Beginning at creation and culminating with the resurrection of Christ, Tim, along with his partner in Church Ministry Tom, had told about God’s great love for His people and desire for all nations to know His son. Tim had spent several months in Letukunyi building relationships, helping with work, eating goat with the men, and showing the Jesus Film.

After sharing the story of Christ’s resurrection, Main spoke out about his desire 

to know Christ. He shared how many sins he had, mainly related to cultural rituals and alcohol and said, “I want to leave these evil practices and follow Christ.” Tim shared with Main his need to place his faith in Christ, repent of his sins, confess Christ as his Lord, be baptized, and live a new life. Main responded by saying, “I am ready today, I have decided. Let me give myself to Christ and be baptized now, because there is drought and tomorrow the water might not be here!”

On the way to the small stream of water, they ran across two of Main’s sons who were home on break from high school. After sharing with them about their father’s decision, the boys praised God, saying they had been praying for their father for many years! They also had been looking for an opportunity to be baptized and asked if they too could come with us. Together, Main and his 2 sons were baptized that day! 

Tim was able to get a solar-powered audio Bible in Maasai (the tribal language) for Main, allowing him to continue to learn from Jesus’ life and ministry. This is especially helpful because during times of drought, Maasai men literally move to greener pastures with their livestock, staying for months away from home. Having the audio Bible allows Main to listen to the Bible while he is away herding! Main’s decision has brought great pressure from the other men in the community for him to return to his former way of life. Please pray for courage and strength for Main.

UPDATE: Since his baptism, Main has stayed true to his decision to follow Christ. Four months later, on Easter Sunday, his two wives and another of his sons surrendered their lives to Christ and were baptized. On a recent visit to Main’s house, his wives shared with us that their husband is a “totally different man” since knowing Christ. Even we can see the softness and light in Main’s eyes growing.

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