On Sunday November 9, immediately after the morning worship service, Berean Christian Church in Murphysboro will be honoring and celebrating the 100th birthday of one its members.  Phoebe Underwood hit the century mark on November 3, and is a long-time member of Berean Christian Church. As a result the church will be hosting a birthday celebration. 

The party will take place during an event called Chili Chili Bang Bang, a congregational get together for fun fellowship and food. As part of the fun Phoebe will be presented with a birthday cake honoring her life. 

The church recognizes her as an important and valued member of the church and the church is excited to celebrate with her. Pastor of Berean, Troy Humphrey, is grateful to have such a wonderful woman as part of the church, “Phoebe has blessed many people with her life and there is no doubt she will continue to do so. She is a woman who is strong in her faith and an important part of the congregation.” Humphrey went on to say that her strength of faith has helped many and her wonderful attitude about life has blessed the entire congregation. 

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