Connecting to Murphysboro

You can forget how fast a team of football players and coaches can inhale spaghetti and bow tie pasta, salad, bread and cookies; but on Friday at Berean we got the opportunity to marvel.

The yellow school bus packed with Murphysboro High School's football team unloaded at the church just after 3:00 and when the church members that fed the grateful players finished cleaning up it was 4:00. In the team's defense, they did have to eat quickly because of the long drive to Massac County, but one has rarely seen so many mounds of pasta disappear so fast.

Just like the game of football demands teamwork and precision, that kind of eating exhibition demands a similar attack. They arrived as a team, ate as a team, had seconds (some had thirds) as a team, hopped back on the bus as a team and then disappeared in a cloud of diesel exhaust as quickly as they arrived. It was gratifying to see, and through it all the Red Devil's players and staff were considerate, thankful, gracious and behaved as gentlemen. It seems you can be proud of your Murphyboro, Red Devils on and off the field.

The group of folks from Berean functioned the same way, as a team. Glenda Brock, Reba Krumreich, Jane Seifert, Susanne Ward, Neth Ward, Emily Ward, Stephanie Ward, Martha Garcia, Mike Austin and Russ Ward brought in food, pitched in and set up the feast and then took everything down and cleaned up in record time. But, the ministry was not in the noodles cooked or chairs carried, but in the Berean team's open hearts and willingness to serve and represent Christ to a our community.

The good news is that their are lots of opportunities to serve and minister for Christ through the Berean team coming up! The next chance is the Annual Murphysboro Community Night Out that will take place on October 7th at Longfellow Park starting at 5:00 pm. Our church will have a tent, a game for kids and will be handing out some information about Berean. This event is something that everyone can participate in. Sign up for the ministry opportunity at the church office. 

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