Coming Home

With all of the service men and women that we know, we are all familiar with the emotions when they finally make it home. I never get tired of seeing those surprise homecoming news stories with all the hugs and tears.

"Coming Home" is the title of this week's sermon and we will be covering chapter 19 of The Story. It is all about the Israelite people finally being able to go home after 70 years in captivity. There were ups and downs in the journey and rebuilding the temple. But, as we know, everything eventually works to God's glory and for His purposes.

To prepare for this Sunday start putting yourself in the mindset of the Jews and think about a time that you were far from home with little hope and how much joy you experienced when you finally made it back. Sometimes we think that the people in the Bible were not human or had other super secret ways of remaining stoic when their hearts were overjoyed. As we will see, this is not the case. The men and women that we read about are just like us with all of the frailties and feelings that make us human.

Make sure and read chapter 19 of The Story and prepare you hearts and minds for Sunday. If you want to do a little extra reading the Book of Ezra would be great. It will give you a lot of context to the sermon.

Also, remember to keep those traveling to the North American Christian Convention in your prayers.

See you on Sunday!

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