Fresh Start Gets Fresh Start

At Berean our fresh start program got a real boost with a sizable donation at the end of 2015. An anonymous donation of $10,000 for purchase of a van was received. This amount will not be enough to purchase a van, but we must have faith that God will bless us and provide as we need and the need is definitely there.

Our youth mission is growing as evidenced by our Christmas program and New Years celebration for middle school age children. We currently have more children participating in the exciting things going on at Berean and we are reaching the children of our community in higher and higher numbers. The Berean After School Haven, better known as BASH is also increasing in popularity. On Wednesday nights it is not uncommon for over fifty children and adults to be present, learning about God, getting a good meal and connecting with each other.

Besides the old van is getting pretty run down. It has gotten to the point that repairs are a continuous concern and it is out of date. The leadership of the church has restricted the use to local only because the reliability is an issue. However, as our youth ministries continue to grow, opportunities to minister outside of our region will increase. Conferences and missions trips are complicated by not having suitable transportation.

Not only that, but the old van's use has largely been restricted to youth activities as it is difficult for adults to enter and exit the van. The deacons will begin the process of shopping for a used van that has steps and easy access to the seating. In this way we will be getting more use out of the vehicle.

Now all we need is you! We need you to help further the mission of the church by contributing to Fresh Start. We have come very far with Fresh Start but we have some major projects left. We have, with God's help, carpeted the Connect area, placed security cameras, purchased new lights for the auditorium, added exterior lighting and signs and installed an additional storage area to name a few completed projects. We are now ready to move one big step further by purchasing a van.

Giving to Fresh Start is a way to support the mission of Berean to connect with our community and to provide a great environment where we can connect with each other. Be a part of this by committing a monthly pledge above you current tithe or offering.  To find out more Fresh Start brochures are available at the church office.

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