Berean History

The history of Berean Christian Church in Murphysboro begins with a small group of believers that wanted to establish a new church in Murphysboro as close to the biblical standards established in the New Testament as possible, otherwise know as the Restoration Movement.  It started in 1979 with a group meeting in homes and that eventually grew to the point that additional space was needed. The Old Centenary Methodist Church building was available in Murphysboro so renovations of that location began. 

Berean Christian Church finally had a location of its own but there were several structural problems with the old building, so acquisition of property for a new church was undertaken. Property for the new church was found at 16th Street and Illinois Avenue in Murphysboro. It is the current location today.

Even though the locations have changed, Berean Christian Church in Murphysboro still holds to the basic truths of Christian churches that were laid out in the New Testament.

Come and visit Berean Christian Church and see for yourself the difference when we all connect with God, each other and the world. Click for more information.

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Contact Information

Berean Christian Church is located at 1530 Illinois Avenue in Murphysboro, Illinois. 

Phone Number - 618-684-6601

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