Keeping Up with The Story

When the leaders at Berean decided to use "The Story" as the basis for Sunday Connect, Sunday morning worship services and the various small groups we were taking a chance. At  Berean we have never really done this kind of series that involved the church at every level and it was going to be a real test for all of us to stay committed and see this through the end.

As we approach the halfway point we are pleased to say that it has gone better than expected. We are having a significantly higher attendance in Sunday Connect (especially the adult classes), attendance in morning worship has increased and for the first time in quite a while attendance as Wednesday night church has maintained a sustainable summer level. We are very  happy with the numbers, however this is not the true measure of success of any church program.

Numbers can be a general indicator of success, but what really grows the kingdom of God is not raw data or warm bodies, but a change in heart and a change in life patterns. As we have learned from "The Story" if numbers were important to God, Gideon would have attacked with over 30,000 not 300. God needs the right 300.

So as we continue through the busy summer months and the temptation is to miss a Sunday or two or not keep up with the reading remember the commitment you made when we first began this journey. Also remember that this is about more than just showing up and filling a seat or finishing a book. It is about allowing God to change your heart through what you hear, what you read and what you experience.

Come to Berean and stay connected.