More Than Trivial 

The recent Light Trivia Night was an absolute blast. Chris Grode lived up to his bluster by mopping the floor with the competition (with the help of a ringer) and we learned that Chris spent the bulk of the 80's watching movies apparently multiple times!

I won't go into how all the teams finished, but I will say that one team thought that Li'l Wayne was taller than John Wayne and second place finishing team Humphrey missed a Bible trivia question. Before you gasp in surprise, it was kind of a trick question about the minor judge Shamgar. Feel free to criticize them if you had heard of Shamgar before you read this. He gets all of one verse in the Bible.

All night there were a lot of laughs and a lot of head scratching. One thing for sure, we will never do a Cardinal's baseball trivia category again and the states of the U.S trivia will have to be harder to stump Jim Seifert. Who would have thought that he would know Utah's motto is "The Beehive State"?

More important than the trivia, all the questions and all the fun was the purpose of the event. That purpose was to raise the funds to send our Light high-school and middle-school youth groups to an inner-city mission to help show the poor the light of Jesus. This will be a great opportunity for the youth to grow in their faith and see that there are those around every corner, even in the United States that need a hand and to know Jesus more. 

It turns out that trivia night wasn't all that trivial after all. 

If you missed the trivia, you maybe in luck. It was so much fun that we may do it again next year. If you missed the opportunity to give for the mission trip, feel free to contact Stephanie Ward to find out how you can help.