Like. I remember when you knew who you liked, but you really didn't have to say it. You liked your friends and your friends liked their friends and that was pretty much the end of it. I never once had to tell my friends, "Ya know, I like you." That conversation never happened and boy I'm glad it didn't. I mean, what do you say to that anyway? "Yes, and I like you too?" Awkward!

It is even more difficult when a girl liked you! Now what do you do with that tidbit of information? Usually, we would send a highly secretive emissary to carry the message that we liked them back. Hoping, on one hand, that they liked us, but then on the other hand, acting as if it didn't matter. Then there was even more angst when you found out that they did indeed like you. Now what?

Do I sit next to her on the bus? Talk to her in between classes? Hold hands in the hall? If that was seen in the wrong circles the ridicule would have been unbearable, usually from someone who wasn't as well liked. No doubt junior high was tough, even in little old Murphysboro. No wonder we all broke out with acne and I'm surprised that we all didn't get ulcers.

But now "like" is something totally different and I can throw it around with the best of them. I "like" a certain toothpaste so I can get fifty-cents off the regularly advertised price. I "like" things because the friends that I have "liked," sent me a link to "like" a person, place or thing. And some things, strangely enough, I really do "like".

Right now at Berean Christian Church we have been encouraging people to "like" us on facebook. Not only that, we got a donation to buy some gift certificates at local restaurants so we could have a drawing on the first of every month to encourage even more "likes". It seems to be working (people must really like Cummares Pizza).

So, go ahead and like us at www.facebook/bereanconnect. Don't feel awkward or strange, don't send a special emissary to find out if we will like you back and don't get an ulcer. Just click the button and keep track of the things that we are doing. It may surprise you and you may want to get to know us and "like" us better.

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