Berean Prays for Local Businesses

This month as an ongoing effort to pray for our community, Berean Christian Church is praying for our local businesses. At Berean our goal is to connect with God, connect with each other and connect with our community. We have done this by praying for those in the medical field in February and city leadership in March. Now in April we turn our prayers and attention to the businesses in Murphysboro and surrounding area. 

Businesses are the backbone of the economy in our community employing us, providing goods and services and making purchases themselves. This economic engine of Murphysboro needs our prayers of support. We know that running a business is tough so we will focus not only on continued growth, but also peace and understanding through the difficult decisions that many businesses and business owners must face.

Not only will we be praying for business leaders that attend Berean but businesses in the whole community and area. 

How can you get involved?

  1. First of all regardless of your church, please join us in April praying for our business community.  
  2. Let us know if you have a friend or family member that needs to be added to our prayer list for their business. Just click here to fill out the prayer request. 
  3. Let local businesses know how important they are and that we are praying for them. 
  4. Show your support by shopping locally.   
  5. Join us each Sunday at 10AM at Berean or in prayer. 

We have wonderful community and great businesses that would appreciate our prayers and patronage! Join us in prayer for them all this month!