Mystery of the Manger

This Christmas Season at Berean Christian Church we are beginning a new sermon series starting November 30th at 10AM. The series is entitled "The Mystery of the Manger".

Each week at our weekly worship service we will step ever closer to the manger and the birth of Jesus. We will go into detail about the foundations of our Christian faith, from a lowly stable and great joy to the treachery of man and the need for a new birth. We will show you that everyone needs the manger.

We hope that you plan to be at Berean every Sunday for this exciting new series.

In Sunday Connect the adult classes will begin this Sunday morning at 9AM with "The Christmas Experience". The Kyle Idleman DVD and lesson material examines the Christmas story in detail, helping us all to prepare for the Christmas season. Each of the episodes will focus on how God chose each individual in the Christmas story for a specific purpose as he has also chosen us.

Those participating in "The Christmas Experience" study will be able to find themselves in the Christmas story, as they learn what happened and how everything changed from the birth of Christ.

Click the link to view a video from the lesson series. Click Here

In Kid's Kingdom the children will be practicing for the living nativity scene and singing. The performance is scheduled for December 21st during our worship service.

Join us for Sunday Connect and all of the opportunities to grow closer to God, each other and the world.

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