Loss of a Matriarch

There are very few people that have had a bigger impact at Berean than Nancy Hill. Nancy was there from the beginning working side by side with her husband Elmer and a cadre of believers that through God's leading literally built Berean from the ground up. She would do whatever was needed and where ever God led her, whether it was helping with the building or on a ministry team.

She took her dedication to Christ seriously and was an ever-present face at events at Berean, but more importantly she was a fixture at services. Nancy would attend anytime she could, even if she had to struggle with pain, use a cane or walker. If it was at all possible she would be at church. We can all learn from her dedication to her church family.

Nancy was also a big supporter of the mission of Berean and the church and had faith that the congregation would thrive despite the challenges. She was always a pleasure to work with and was always sincere, forthright and displayed love for her fellow Christians. It was always a pleasure to discuss God and Berean with her.

For all of these reasons, although she would bristle at the thought, she was an inspiration and example. She will be greatly missed here on Earth, but we know she will be welcomed in Heaven by the Lord she served for so long.