North American Christian Convention

The North American Christian Convention this year had the theme of "Remission" and a recognition that the church has in some ways has lost it's purpose or lost its way.

It was pointed out in several of the sessions, that the overarching reason that the church exists at all is to seek and save the lost. In this day and age however, we tend to gear church around our needs and our desires, often sacrificing those that need Jesus. Many churches have become member focused not mission focused. 

In one session it was expressed in this way; we know what the church does, we know how we do it but we have lost the why. In other words we have lost the compass to our Christian faith. I tend to agree. Every Sunday we show up and we see and hear what the church does and most churches do that pretty well. We sing, we hear preaching, we have communion and offering, then shake some hands and leave. We know exactly how we do those things and we are well practiced and we easily slip into the function of doing church.

But, when we lose the"why" of church we lose our bearings and the "what" and "how" become meaningless practices. Instead our church needs to be a church that is clearly focused with a course clearly charted on seeking those that are lost. That may mean that we have to get uncomfortable as we seek people and speak to them where they live. It may mean that our hands get dirty as we hug and love the poor and the hurting. But, if we find our bearings, line up our compass and follow Christ's guidance we will be a place where souls are saved and we will find our mission.

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