Praying Connects Us with Each Other and God

At Berean our goal is to connect with each other, God and the world and one of the ways that we can connect best with each other and God is through prayer. Too often we feel helpless and hopeless and not connected and yet we have the power to connect with God by just whispering His name. What an awesome power, and each of us has that ability.  Philippians 4:6 - Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Dan Mann has been an important part of the ministry of Berean as a deacon, ministry team leader and prayer team member.  He has meant a lot to our community and to the church body and he has been burdened with the vision of a more vibrant prayer team ministry. As a result he has put forward the vision to start a broader prayer team that incorporates a Prayer Tree.

He saw some flaws in the email approach that we have been using and has come up with a way to fix the problem. We all like getting email updates for prayer concerns, that is if you have checked your email! Also, some members don't even use email. Dan pointed out that by limiting our prayer warriors to just the email list we are leaving many people out and we have delayed our prayers. He is right and we need to find a way to reach those that are willing to take petitions to the Lord in prayer. This will not mean that the prayer requests will stop going out via email, it means that we will broaden the participation by using a Prayer Tree as well. Also you can still email your prayer request through email at our website by clicking here.

This Sunday Dan will present a sign up sheet to be passed around for those that would like to participate in this Prayer Tree concept. At that time he will make a short presentation explaining the details. Please seriously consider your part, pray about it, be ready to sign up and connect with God and each other.

See you Sunday!