Praying for Our Community - City Officials

At Berean Christian Church our goal is to connect with God, connect with each other and connect with our community. We know that through prayer we can connect with God, but connecting with community can sometimes be difficult. Yes, we attend various civic events and sponsor the school supply giveaway and other events, but how do we incorporate a more spiritual connection?

Pastor Troy, through some prayer of his own, has come up with a great idea that the whole church has embraced. We will be praying for a different segment of our community every month for 2017.  It started last month when we prayed for all those in our community that were in the medical profession. Now we are focusing our prayers throughout the month of March on all of our community leaders. Mayor Stevens, aldermen and city officials will each be the focus in March, (click here for all city officials). Also, each Sunday we will place the needs of the city officials before God at our worship service on Sunday at 10AM!

How can you get involved?

  1. First of all regardless of your church, please join us in March praying for our friends at city hall.  

  2. Let us know if you have a friend or family member in any capacity in the city government that you would want us to pray for. Just click here to fill out the prayer request. 

  3. Let city officials know how important they are and the we are praying for them. 

  4. Join us each Sunday at 10AM. 

We have wonderful city led by people that need our prayers! Join us in prayer for them all this month!