VBS Gone but not Forgotten

The decorations have all come down, the floors have been mopped and almost every vestige of VBS 2014 have been scrubbed clear from the walls of Berean Christian Church. Now, only in our minds and in our hearts can we recall the smiles, the songs, the warm feelings of service, friendship and fellowship that we experienced last week.

But, let us not too soon depart from the words spoken at the closing program by First Lady Margaret Nolan because they sum up more than the purpose of VBS and the mission of the week, the School Supply Give-A-Way. Her words sum up or should sum up the heart of the Christian. The heart that we should carry everyday. 

She pointed out that the Christian does not look at the color of skin. The Christian does not look at a bank book. The Christian does not look at the way a person dresses or what car they drive. The Christian's eyes are only fixed on one attribute and that is the heart. But, we are not transfixed on the heart of others, because we know we cannot know the heart of others, but instead we need to be ever watching the condition of our hearts.

Our hearts should be in line with God's own heart and we should be reaching out to everyone and not just to those who we are comfortable with, or are easy to love. I think our church does a pretty good job of that, but we can all do better. The School Supply Give-A-Way is just one way that we can reach out together but we can each do more.

So let's hang on to the memories and of course the video of people getting a pie in the face. But most importantly let's hang on to the words of First Lady Nolan that we all need to reach out to those in need!!!